Adjusting to a new baby is hard. It's hard emotionally and it's hard physically. You know that movement and exercise can help but one of two things always happens:

1. You finally get them down for a nap, squeeze into some pre-pregnancy leggings (or, let's be honest, maternity leggings), and pull up an online workout, only to have them wake up!

OR (and this may be worse)

2. You don't even bother because you're convinced they are only going to have a 20-minute "crap nap"... and they end up napping for 2 hours! 

I got you, mama.

A 4-week (Hazy Days) or 6-week (Stronger) program consisting of two 10-15 minute videos per week:

  • one to stretch and release,

  • the other to reawaken and strengthen.

They can be done back-to-back, hours apart, or even days. Because if there's anything predictable about having a newborn, it's that life is UNpredictable.​

postpartum exercise.jpg


Please don’t interpret what I’m about to say as “You gotta bounce back from that baby! Erase all signs that you were pregnant!” I’m simply drawing from what all good PTs and rehab specialists know:

To keep muscles from atrophying, they benefit from movement ASAP...this is about function.

The ACOG recommends returning to exercise 6 weeks after giving birth, 8 weeks for C-sections. But think of this: You break your ankle and require surgery to fix it. Your cast comes off and then you do nothing for 6 weeks. Now go start running again! Crazy, right?

There is SO MUCH you can do in those 6 weeks.

  • I’m not talking about “doing your exercises”; I’m talking about rebuilding your connection.

  • I’m not talking about what you look like; I’m talking about how you function and feel.

Because you probably do want to get back to exercise at some point. And you can’t strengthen a muscle your brain isn’t using.

“Alright, Katie, so what CAN I do while waiting for the 6-week ‘all clear’?”

I’m so glad you asked! 



As I mentioned above, you've got to rebuild the connection between your brain and the muscles of your deepest core and pelvic floor. The ticket to that is breath, coordinated with mindful movements. The Core Restore: Hazy Days + Stronger program is the EXACT recovery plan I used after having my second daughter...for real! I filmed it while I was 3 to 12 weeks postpartum.

Here's what's included:

Connection Breath Video

  • An effective breathing technique that can be done within hours of giving birth

  • Safe to do multiple times a day during the first few weeks postpartum (and beyond!)

Two 10-15 minute videos per week 

  • Video 1 leaves your tight spots feeling opened and released.

  • Video 2 helps you reconnect with muscles that may have "turned off" over the course of pregnancy.

  • This "one two punch" allows your body to rebalance after 40 plus weeks of becoming imbalanced.

  • All classes are safe for those with diastasis recti (DR) and promote healing of DR.

A private course platform where you can connect with other new moms and ask any questions you may have.

An 8-week evidence-based postpartum cardio walking plan


  • How to check for DR

  • Safe lifting techniques for baby AND older children (and anything else you may need to pick up off the floor!)

  • Tricks for carrying that heavy carseat

  • Why feeding and snuggling may be causing you a "pain in the neck" and how to avoid it

  • "Magic Green Ball" Releases



Like I said, this program is the EXACT recovery plan I used for the Fourth Trimester. I filmed it while I was 3 to 12 weeks postpartum.

You can tell by the tired look in my eyes (and the fact that I'm in glasses) during the Hazy Days program.​

No matter which program you choose, you get lifetime access to the course, 6+ additional bonus videos, a walking plan, a Private Course Platform, as well as access to any updates to the program.

Early Postpartum


Your gentle reintroduction to movement.
Hazy Days is a 4 week program, safe for as early as 3 weeks postpartum. At the end of these 4 weeks, you'll have a solid movement foundation, so when your doc says "All clear for exercise!" you are ready.

Exercise "All Clear" & Beyond


Stronger is a 6-week program you can begin any time after you're cleared for exercise. At the end of this program, you'll have a more stable core, a more "predictable" pelvic floor, and less of those annoying little aches that maybe aren't so little anymore.

Your 4th Trimester = Covered


Get both programs and SAVE.
When combined, Hazy Days + Stronger will take you from 3-12 week postpartum, so you're entire fourth trimester is covered!