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I'm Katie

Wife, mom of 2, Pilates teacher, and kinesiology professor. Basically a huge body nerd.


I help excited-but-nervous moms-to-be lose their self-doubt surrounding pregnancy, birth, and motherhood so they can finally trust themselves and have agency over their pregnancy and birth.


This site will help you love your ever-changing body.

In this space, you’ll find:

> answers to just about any pregnancy question (yes, even the gross stuff no one talks about),

> movement classes that will prepare your body for birth,

> unique tips and tricks to help you have the birth you want to have.


One of my favorite things to do is teach. I love providing you with the answer you need, whether that's a movement question, a reassurance, or solidarity about all that weird pregnancy stuff.

I'm the friend that brings Postpartum Pads, Nipple Cream, and Dermablast to your baby shower. You'll look at me strange now, but you'll be thanking me at 2am in a few months!




  • Ditching the “Due Date” for a “Guess Month”.

  • It's normalized, but it’s not normal to pee your pants during pregnancy.

  • Oh and that low back / pubic bone / SI joint pain? We can work to create a better experience for you regarding those pregnancy aches and pains.

  • Going beyond exercise modifications and actually training your body for birth.

Who I can help

  • The mom who wants to ditch self-doubt when it comes to labor. I'm here for her because I used to be her, and I found a secret - a way to stack the cards in your favor so you're more likely to achieve the birth outcome you desire.

  • The mom who wants to trust their intuition but is unsure what to listen for.

  • Second, third, fourth time moms who want a different experience than their previous births.

  • The mom who has a vision for her birth and doesn’t want birth to just happen to her.

Who I can't help

  • The person who can “do it themselves.” It takes a supportive birth team to achieve the birth you desire.

  • The person who doesn’t want to do the work. My stuff won’t work unless YOU do.

  • The person who doesn’t like being told what to do in order to change the way their pregnancy is going. 

  • The person who shames others for their birth choices. Your best birth outcome is the one you chose given your specific circumstances.

"My partner and I both said we wouldn’t have been as prepared without your classes!"

Kristin R.

Let's start trusting your miraculous body.

I want to help you stop feeling like pregnancy is happening TO you and instead realize it’s something you are actually doing! My method isn’t about finding exercise workarounds for your pregnancy discomfort. It’s about getting to the root of it and creating lasting change. 


Because your body isn’t broken, your intuition isn’t broken, and your self-doubt doesn’t have to stay. Pregnancy is the best opportunity to fine-tune ALL THOSE THINGS! 


Who are you? How do you want to feel? How do you want your birth to play out? What do you want your entry into motherhood to feel like? Let’s create more space for THAT.

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Facts about me

I’m a hardcore introvert.

I love connecting with you and coming alongside you, going live and meeting you, but hot damn… afterwards I need Netflix and for everyone in my house to pretend I don't exist.



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