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Holiday Gift Guide for the Local Shopper

I'm going to ask you a dangerous's holiday shopping going for you?

I've been trying really hard this year to get my money into the pockets of small and local businesses and out of Jeff Bezos hands...but that Prime shipping is really hard to beat!

If your holiday shopping goals are similar to mine, then I want to share with you some of my favorite local small business here in the Lehigh Valley.

Even if you aren't local, if you find yourself near the Christmas City over the next few weeks, definitely check these places out!

FD Market

Located in Emmaus, PA, FD Market is a refill shop focusing on sustainability. What's a refill shop, you ask? Bring in any clean, empty container and fill it with laundry detergent, shampoo, lotion, body wash, and just about any home or personal care item you can think of.

Don't have a jar? Not to worry, they've got those too!

Besides the refill products, everything else they sell is responsibly sourced AND packaged. Here are three of my favorite products:

Lit Coffee Roasters

AKA the place I'm currently sitting while writing this on the South Side of Bethlehem.

Lit is THE place to get caffeinated and the perfect place to get gifts for the coffee lover in your life. They also have a diverse assortment of baked goods that range from vegan and gluten-free to very, very gluten-full. If you are shopping for a foodie this holiday season, this is the place to go!

Step in 4 Mor

Shoes, shoes, shoes!

Step in 4 Mor is located near the theater district in Allentown and if you're a shoe lover (or shopping for one) do yourself a favor and stop in. They also have great stocking stuffers and the coziest lounge wear imaginable.

And finally, here are some ways to give yourself the gift of movement this month & into the New Year:

  • Pop Up class with the one and only Lesley Logan 12/19/2021!

  • Need to reconnect to your "Powerhouse" muscles? Core Restore 2022 is open for registration.

  • Pregnant? Get on the waitlist for Prenatal Core Before.

Now it's your turn! Where are you shopping this holiday? I'm always looking for great new places!

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