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When I sat down to write this list, I originally had it in my head that this would be a “Guide to Holiday Pregnancy Gifts”. Write what you know, right? But once I settled on the 5 things that really are making my pregnant life better, I realized that none of them were exactly “pregnancy specific.” Just about anyone would enjoy receiving one (or five!) of the items on this list. So without further ado…


Let’s be honest; bras aren’t that comfortable. This one, however, is a game changer. It’s made of Beyond Yoga’s signature Spacedye fabric that’s seriously the softest workout gear I’ve ever felt. It’s got great support for low to medium impact activities (like Pilates!) but without the uniboob AND it’s got removable padding.

MOM-TO-BE BONUS: The V-neck makes it a great nursing bra. Have you ever tried to breastfeed with a regular sports bra? It should be an Olympic event.

Natural and organic cocktail mixers - just add your alcohol of choice and you’ve got yourself a fancy drink! I first came across these mixers on the shelves of my favorite local coffee shop (RIP Church Street Market), but even if you aren’t local to the Lehigh Valley, you can still enjoy these amazing mixers. I was going to recommend my favorite to you... but I couldn’t choose! I’m leaning Hibi-Hibi (hibiscus tea and elderflower) but really, they are all delicious.

MOM-TO-BE BONUS: Who needs alcohol? I splash a bit in my seltzer for an instant mocktail.

Two for one! These two items go with me wherever I travel. Seriously. I brought them to Ireland last fall. There’s even a set in my car. The Towel is great for getting your shoulders and back muscles open and awake after long hours of car or plane travel, while The Ball does the same for your hip flexors and bottom.

Wondering how to use them? Keep an eye on my Instagram!

MOM-TO-BE BONUS: The Magic Green Ball is ideal for releasing the pelvic floor, a must for pregnancy and early postpartum recovery. How? Simply sit on it for 2-3 minutes.

I don’t know about you, but my skin gets SO DRY in the winter. And pregnancy has made it about 10 times worse. No matter how much lotion I used, my face was covered in dry patches by the end of the day. Then I added BC’s No. 1 Brightening Facial Oil and everything turned around. I love BC in general because they advocate for stricter guidelines and regulations surrounding the harmful and questionable ingredients found in many personal care products.

For this oil, I use 2 drops at night and 1 in the morning. Because you only need a little, one bottle lasts me the better part of a year.

MOM-TO-BE BONUS: Itchy, growing belly? Mix about half a dropper into your body lotion for extra relief!

5. Pilates Classes

I mean, you’re not really surprised that this is on my list, right? Personally, my day to day schedule gets all out of whack this time of year - and the first thing to go is typically my personal movement practice. How do I best combat this? Put. It. On. My. Calendar.

So schedule a date with me! I have extra availability around the holidays since my “day job” (teaching high school) is closed for winter break. Email me at or contact The Restoration Space.

MOM-TO-BE BONUS: My Core Before prenatal series is running from Thursday January 16 to February 20 from 6-7 pm. For moms-to-be who want to be an active participant in their pregnancy and birth, this 6-week, small group series offers a full mind-body-spirit experience. Each week will consist of a 40-minute movement class designed to teach you how to listen to your body and address the postural changes that occur with pregnancy, followed by a 20-minute presentation and Q & A with a prenatal expert. Get more info and register HERE.

Not local? I’ll share my secret.

The person who holds me most (virtually) accountable is Lesley Logan and her Online Pilates Classes. One 30-minute mat class per week (so no decision fatigue) and you only get one week to watch - your FOMO will keep you logging on! She’s also currently “touring” the country and will be in the Lehigh Valley, PA, on December 22. It’s almost sold out, so get your ticket fast!

30-minutes too long of a time commitment? I feel you mama.

Make sure you’re signed up for my bi-weekly(ish) emails for quick movement breaks and workouts to help you thrive this holiday season!

Have a Holly Jolly Holiday!

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