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My Favorite Things 2020

I have a prediction for 2021. I think people are going to stay committed to the home gym. My evidence? The long wait time my husband had after ordering his squat rack and the many friends on Facebook waiting months for their spin bikes. But may be lifting and spinning aren’t your things. Or maybe you don’t wanna drop the big bucks in order to outfit a home workout space. Here’s a list of my favorite accessories, small equipment pieces, and yes, even some of the bigger ticket items if you’re on the *really nice* list. So keep reading to find some gifts for the Pilates lover on your list. Or let’s be honest...

for yourself.

Small Props/Accessories

1. Gift Certificate!

Of course I had to start here. If you're like me and prefer experiences to things, a gift certificate for Pilates is where it's at! Because health is really the only gift that keeps on giving. Pick one up at The Restoration Space in Bethlehem, or email me at

2. The Magic Green Ball ($25)

I think the thing I miss most from pre-Covid days is getting a bi-monthly massage.

The magic green ball is a dense fitness ball designed for fascial release work so it’s kind of like giving yourself a deep tissue massage at home! Shoot me an email ( and I'll hook you up.

My favorite way to use it?

Sit crisscross applesauce with the ball in between your sits bones. Sit for about 2 to 2 1/2 minutes until you feel yourself sink deeper over the ball. Remove and feel the difference!

Whenever you can return to your Pilates studio, you may not want to be sharing loops with other people. Yes, we clean vigorously between clients but there’s additional comfort in knowing that these loops are all your own. Good Citizen makes single loops, double loops, padded and non-padded loops. And they come in some super fun colors and patterns!

Small Equipment

I could never NOT include the Fletcher Towel. I’ve said it before and I’ll say it again: we are living in computer heavy days now more than ever. This computer posture leads to tight chest muscles and weak back muscles. The Fletcher Towel offers a 1-2 punch, stretching out your front body while strengthening your back body. Plus you can throw it in the washing machine AND it’s small enough to fit in a suitcase whenever we are allowed to travel again.

My favorite way to use it?

Exploring posterior range of motion.

2. Foam Roller ($39)

It's truly the best of both worlds. You can use it for myofascial release (similar to the Magic Green Ball) but you can also use it to add challenge to your mat exercises. You can even re-create your favorite reformer exercises at home using the foam roller. They come in a variety of densities so make sure to pick one that feels right to you. I’ve linked my favorite above.

My favorite way to use it?

Lay on the foam roller along the length of your spine. Bend your knees, feet on the floor so you don’t feel too wobbly. Place your arms by your side with your palms facing up. Using nice slow breaths, create gradually bigger and bigger snow angels until your arms reach all the way up and overhead.

We like to throw around the word "magic" a lot. Rumor has it Joe originally created this from the rings of beer barrels...or whiskey...either way it’s a cool story. You can get these in a variety of resistances. It's a little reminiscent of the thigh master but it can do so much more.

My favorite way to use it?

Before mat class I use the circle to connect my arms to my back by sitting with the circle out to the side and pressing down on it with my hand. Then I use it to connect my legs to my seat by laying down placing the circle under 1 foot and pushing down from my glute-hamstring connection.

The "Very Nice" List

1. The Arc ($159)

While my reformer will always hold a special place in my heart, my favorite piece of Pilates equipment would have to be the Spine Corrector (or Barrel). It’s kind of like an ironing board for your spine. Similar to the Fletcher Towel, it opens up the front of your chest and helps to strengthen your back via improving your thoracic extension. Its shape also allows you to work sideways and practice your lateral movements - some thing absent in many fitness programs. The original Spine Corrector has quite an intense curve and Joe showed no mercy when working on it back in his day. The arc is a gentler slope providing two different levels of curve depending on what you need. It’s also only a quarter of the price of a traditional spine corrector.

My favorite way to use it?

Sit on the floor with your back up against it. Wrap your spine back and around, make sure your head is supported. Grab a pair of light handheld weights (seriously you don’t want more than 2 pounds) and perform the Arm Series:

  • Small circles in both directions

  • Alternating arms (one back by your ear, one down by your side)

  • Hug

  • Reach forward and overhead (this one works great with a Fletcher towel)

2. The Wunda Chair ($1470)

This is a great first piece of equipment, especially if you’re low on space. Why? Because it actually IS a chair! That’s why I picked this model. If you flip it on its side your workout equipment can double as a seat! Because let’s be honest...a lot of times we just use our workout equipment to throw laundry on anyways. There are much less fancy and less expensive versions out there but if you know that you’re committed to a lifelong Pilates practice, I highly recommend getting the good stuff from the beginning.

My favorite way to use it?

The possibilities are endless. You can adapt most of your favorite reformer exercises to the chair. I think my favorite is Swan Dive.

3. The Reformer ($4500)

Like I said with the chair, there are less fancy and less expensive options out there. Even Amazon and Costco sell versions of personal reformers. But this the Jay Grimes Contrology reformer completely changed my Pilates practice. If you are truly interested in purchasing a home reformer please don’t hesitate to reach out to me before spending large sums of money. There are some great in between options and it’s pretty easy to find people selling used reformers on Craigslist or Facebook marketplace.

So what are you gonna get yourself...uhhhh..."the Pilates Lover" on you list this year?

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